AUDIO: Marketing the next generation of NOLA musicians

New Orleans has long had a history of producing talented musicians. More recently, as demonstrated by the 5,000-plus attendees at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, the city has started producing some talented entrepreneurs. Edward Anderson hopes to bring the ...

Licorice Stick – From Bechet to Batiste – Evan Christopher & Gregory Agid

Saturday, April 5th at the Old U.S. Mint, 8pm, $15. [Read more...]

ARTWARD BOUND: Life and art on a shoestring

Beam by Sophie T. Lvoff Disruption of the status quo is the gorilla in the room that gives me hope. Bitcoin, digital money, says forget the banks and Wall Street, who forgot about us long, long ago. Self-publishing ...

Trombonist Michael Watson takes the ‘Spotlight’

This last weekend, I started my summer work  at a small festival  in Silkeborg Denmark. They call it the Riverboat Festival because it is situated on the picturesque but tiny River Guden and, when it started more than40 ...

Riffing On the Tradition: Say It Over and Over Again — Making music listings count

This is the third and last article devoted to how we can prepare for the festival season. We discussed improving our Web presence and how venue operators who truly want to work WITH us can raise the bar, ...

Riffing On the Tradition: The Joint Is Jumpin’ — Working with our music venues

Like many of you, I constantly struggle with the contradictions of local music’s role as a cultural expression of, and for, the community versus a commodity of our hospitality industry. Last week, I began counting down to festival ...

Riffing On the Tradition: Countdown — time to prepare for OUR season

After a short hiatus, this week I want to remind the music community that we only have about six weeks to get ready for OUR season. I’m glad my editors gave me a couple of weeks off while ...

Riffing On the Tradition: The Bucket’s Got a Hole In It

Watching a harsh winter unfold in Europe, musician Evan Christopher takes a closer look at a new service for local musicians called "Digital Tip Jar."

Riffing On the Tradition: Blues In the Air

Musician Evan Christopher has two important announcements about how musicians can take a huge step forward in creating a sustainable career.

Riffing On the Tradition: ‘This Could Be the Start of Something, a 2012 wrap-up

Musician Evan Christopher looks ahead to the new year, with a cultural laundry list of ways to grow the music communitry for all of us.